hey .. i just had church. yesterday we had EYG. we made fake credit cards and then tried to buy candy with it, but power said it didn’t work. so then he made us made another credit card. this time he said that there was sin on it. he wrote the word “sin” on the card. so to take away that sin off of the card, we went to the “debt center.” annie was saying that the blood of jesus christ would take away that sin so we can buy things. so she covered the word sin with a red marker. so when we tried to buy things again, it worked. so it was sort of saying that even though we had sin, jesus paid for that with his blood and covered it up so we could buy our way to heaven. then later on we had dinner and ate hamburger helper, chicken, and potatoes made by annie :] such a good cook. mann ******* was so gasy yesterday! hahaha ******* is so funny. LOL i had such a great time yesterday. it was fun spending some time with tiffany. well anyways.. tiffany is gonna come over and we’re going to go to baldwin stocker and have a mini basketball lesson from power. lOl okk byee

6 more days until våLeN†1ne*s dåy! ❤

[[sorry i’m copying you rachel]],

P.S. please leave eprops and comments!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    mmm……your smoothie on the side looks SHO yummy! lol! I think your xanga looks shhhhhhooooo kool! how did you get the aim thing on there?
    well talk to ya later! bye fo now

  2. haha cece not quite buy ur way to heaven, but because because jesus died on the cross for u, your debt, or punishment is taken away and his blood covers away ur sin. because u have no more sin or debt, u are able to go to heaven because ur sin is not restricting u from certain things

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