HI! a lot has been going on lately .. first of all, yesterday i had my C.M. piano thingee .. i went with stephennie teng. man i hope i did well. and then later on we went bowling. we played 3 games. it was so fun even though we lost. lOl bethanie, me, and jeremy had to do the gospel thingee. i was pretty nervous .. but i think i did okay. and then tiffany yip raised her hand to have Jesus come into her heart!! =) i’m sohappy because she’s been going to a lot of our outreach events but hasn’t raised her hand yet. it must have been hard for her to choose especially because her family is Buddhist and her parents don’t exactly approve.. oh and right now, praise came over and we’re baking a yummy cake. it’s gonna have caramel and chocolate. lOl

pHiLlY LuVLAkeRS: lol
: ur funny
: if i had to descibe u then it woudl be………..
: nice
: kind
: generous
: funny
: smart
: and that’s all i can think of
: lol
swtlilangelgrl44: aww thanks =)

aww he’s so sweet! =) thanks so much. no one has ever said such nice things to me before. well i’m gonna go have some cake now ..



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