whoaa its been a lonnggg time since i last wrote here. for the past week, our youth group was doing this internet fasting. so the whole entire week we couldn’t go online! it was so we could get closer to God and spend more time with Him. i think it helped me a little bit.. but i should’dve done better. i would try to fill all the extra time with something else to do.

here’s what happened today:
science«– we did this experiment which was, “how many grams of salt does it take for eggs to float in water?” it was sorta interesting i guess.. lately, science has been pretty boring to me. we haven’t really been doing anything exciting.

math«–we are starting to learn about percentages. i kind of already know all of it because i learned it in summer school, so its pretty easy.

break«– i was free loading from tiffany and mandy =D i had a little piece of bagel and some hot cheetos. such kind people. =)

history «– our class went to the library to do some research for our dynaball. its for four dynasties we’re learning about in china.

art«– ms. speed was teaching us how to shade 3 dimentional shapes and we were practicing that. we’re also starting that artist cube thingee. =P i’m doing mine on mary cassatt.

PE«– we had mr. thomas as our substitute. then we played basketball. it was soo hot outside!! i was burning like crazy.

lunch«–first i ate lunch. then i “snuck” into mr. greep’s room. there was a LOT of people there. i felt so sorry for mr. greep. he had to be bugged by his annoying students =) lOl

english«–in english we’re learning about fables. we also started a fable of our own. it kind of confusing though.

today i skipped music because bethanie had a bloody nose this morning and then i didn’t want to go by myself. we are so unseparable. lOl and later on bethanie was saying, “oh, man! we’re wearing the same thing. people will stare at us!” i guess she doesn’t like being the way people stare at us and say, “hey, they’re twins!” we get that a lot.. at least once every day. haha

i have a feeling mr. greep “hates” tiffany yip. lOl its so funny the way they always pick on each other. tiffany likes to pick on mr. greep a lot. haha :] OH YEAH and on FA news this morning, mr. greep was on it. near the end of his announcement, he was was singing “swing low, sweet chariot” it was SO funny! LOL hes so goofy and very nice. he even gave me a dum dum afterschool.

my sister, rachel, saw the passion for christ. she said it was SAD. she said they showed him whipping him with that one whip with the spikes at the ends. she said it showed his skin actually peeling off!! it showed them stoning him too. she also said they showed him carrying his own cross and with the crown of thorns on his head that he had to wear. rachel was saying it was showing when the put the nail in his palm and actually hammering it down. uGHHh .. that made me want to vomit. it was so sadd! she said they were showing them putting the sword through his side to make sure Jesus was dead. it’s really sad the way Jesus had to go through all that for OUR mistakes, and he didn’t even do a thing. He did it for US. i never realized how much he went through for our sins.. wow

O3O9O4«– tomorrow is picture day. remember to *smile*
does anyone want to go mini golfing with me?



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