i haven’t been blogging a lot lately. yesterday, EYG had mini golfing as an outreach event. it was pretty fun. i was in annie’s car with emily and tiffany liu. we got lost! ahha so we started at 7:00 instead of 6:00. i invited emily. i’m so glad she was able to come =) i kinda suck a golf. a lot of the times, i tried to hit really hard but i ended up missing. haha after we finished, we went to mcdonalds for dinner at 9:00. it ended up that joseph and daniel didn’t share the gospel message because we were running pretty late. and then we went home. i spent a lot of the night playing GLTron with joseph and bethanie until 12:OO!!. when i woke up the next morning for church i was really tired. blehh ..

i noticed i’m starting to get really obsessed with computer games. lately, i’ve been spending hours and hours playing either GLTron, boom, or pac the man 2. i think my eyes are gonna go bad. i should start wearing my glasses .. but then i just dont like wearing them. it makes me feel like a dork haha but … i should start wearing them.

i’ve been watching stairway to heaven a lot lately. it’s so sad the way yuri treats jungsuh!! LOL i remember when i was watching the third episode with a whole bunch of people and then when sonjoo oppa finds out that jungsuh is in the hospital, he did this fake “drop” to the ground. i remember power laughing his head off and running out of the room. haha that was funny. i think i’m starting to get obsessed with it :]

my birthday is coming up !! on april fourth =) i’m gonna be turning 12 … yayy !
O3. 27. O4. happy 12th birthday ashley!!

§3-LVW 3AO7WJC<3


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  1. Anonymous says:

    nix xanga!!! ohh…and happi birThday ceLestE!!!=) bEthAniE too i got u b0th presEntz buT i cAn’t giB iT to u unTill afTer spRing bReak!!!=/ i goT u tWo…..wHy rUin thE sUpriSe riTe?anE wayZ haPpi bdAy!!!
    sOPhia cHiao uR fweNd!=) 

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