TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!! i’m finally 12! thanks to those who gave me presents. you are all so sweet. i still haven’t opened them yet though … lOl ohh and yesterday during youth group, they all gave bethanie and i our presents. the first present i opened it had a game for gamecube. i was really confused … and then they came with a HUMONGOUS box. when we opened it, there was more games and 4 controlers. i thought there wasn’t anymore, but then bethanie saw that at the bottom of the box there was a GAMECUBE!! i was soo shocked and confused at the same time. we started playing all night long. that was soo fun! thanks you guys!!

these are some stairway to heaven pictures:

that’s jungsuh and songjoo oppa. they look so cutee together!

sonjoo oppa and jungsuh are riding on the bike and run into the tree and fall.. haha

jungsuh is telling songjoo oppa that she loves him back. aww what a cute moment. :]

jungush and songjoo oppa are putting on their necklaces.

i want to watch the fourth episode of stairway to heaven soo badly!! =P lOl and i just changed my picture on the left. it’s KWON SANG WOO!! and BEATRICE COPIED ME … erghhsss. hahah

yay it’s finally spring break. i think i might go to universal studios with my youth group .. but it’s gonna be really expensive! $50!!! per PERSON ..

anyways .. i’m gonna go watch bruce almighty now. byee! <33


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