wow i havent written for a longgg timee.. lots have been happening. lets see.. over springs break, on monday power came over and we played gamecube for a longg time .. and he ditched class to play with us!! =D ahha and then on wednesday i went over to my my moms friends daughters house and sleptover. we went ice skating too and i kept on falling on my bottom like .. 10 times. it hurt.. oww. =P lOl then on friday power, bea, bethanie, and i went to universal studios! we got our annual year passes so now we can go until april! it was so much funn. then on saturday was EYG. we planned out the skit for sunday. on sunday, was EASTER. we had this church gathering at baldwin stocker. we had LIVE music and we did the skit. i had to be an angel. hahah then we had bbq. it was really good =) we also had an egg hunt too! hahahh .. this past week, ive been doing a LOT better with my relationship with God.. yayy =) ive been speindg more time with him than last week.. man i dont really feel like talking.. erghhss.. ahh well thats all for now.. byee

leave props and comments for me pleasee .. thanks .


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