on friday was the play.. cinderella in new york. it was pretty good. it was so funny the way everyone started screaming when johnny prince came on!! (jimmy chang) LOL ahhah. 🙂 this week is gonna be greek week.. cant wait! how exciting. =) ooh and beatrice made flag leader!! yay! ahha it was so funny the way last night they “kidnapped” her and then this morning they made her dress in funky clothes! ahha she looked like a dork lOl aww i’m so proud of my sister.

not too long ago, i was at first avenue in the auditorium with all the animaction kids watching all of the group’s films. it was really good! i’m gonna miss all of them… they gave each of us a tape of each group’s film so that when i’m an old grandma i can look back and remember it and be proud of myself.

congrats to the people that made drill team of O4-O5. awesome job!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEAH!!! <33 thanks for always being such a great friend for so many years. you’ve been so awesome to me and you deserve the best. congratulations with making drill team!! good luck with that. may all your wishes come true. hopefully i can see you around soon! love yu lots leo.

<33, celeste 🙂


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  1. ahh how can you be excited for greek week?? probably because you have nothing to do for participating in it!! man you’re soo lucky. i was forecd to be in the relay race. arghs i’m NOT excited at ALL!! plus, this week i have an oral book report. arghs. pray for me. cinderella in new york was pretty good,huh? i was laughing so hard when everyone was screaming (including rachel!) when johnny prince came on stage. hahhaa. wasn’t too bad of a play, was it?

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