on saturday was movie night for EYG. it was soo awesome. there were a lot of people there, mostly sixth graders. we watched peter pan. i thought it was pretty good. “i do believe in fairies! i do! i do!” lOl i was laughing my head off at that part. then we had sushi, pizza, chicken wings, and root beer floats. it was so good!

O2. chinatown [[ tomorrow! ]]
O8. michelle`s birthday
10. sydney`s birthday//mininum day
11. minimum day//last day of school
15. praise and vivian`s birthday
16. jessica`s birthday
19. piano concert

wow lots of birthdays. =]]

e.Y.g. retreat –> AUGUST! yayy i can’t wait.

munkii butt


2 thoughts on “

  1. hey celestio! i like your background. those are cute monkeys. chinatown .. ughh i hated it. it totally sucked!! wait a second .. i thought sydney’s birthday was in august .. ? okay maybe not but i remember it being in august. peter pan was okay. yea i remember that part “i do believe in fairies! i do! i do!” HAHA so funny. well i really can’t wait for the EYG retreat in august. it’ll be fun.

  2. Anonymous says:

    hiee celeste!! yeah..its kinda weird how everyone said “i do believe in fairies i do i do!” haha..well neways..i agree with beth! chinatown was boring x( hehe wel neways bye bye!
    maya papaya

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