my family went on vacation to big bear except for me, beatrice, and rachel. i literally thought we were going to starve. on the first night without my parents, rachel tried to cook french toast for dinner. she burnt the pans and the eggs were undercooked. but it turrned out okay. my family had taken most of the food so we didn’t really have anything to eat.

but THANKFULLY… annie came to the rescue! she came over the next night to bring us some dinner. i was soo glad. annie’s so awesome! she’s like superwoman. πŸ˜€ hahah i love her! she’s soo sweet. the next day she made lunch for us too! but she had to leave for work so she didn’t get to stay. aww poor her. 😦 i feel so bad .. sometimes i think we take advantage of her. =/

power also stayed over so that we wouldn’t get kidnapped by robbers. :p hahaha and he rented a game for our gamecube. it’s really fun and it gets addicting. πŸ˜‰ power also bought us lunch from jack in the box. HE’S VERY NICE. :] HE’S THE NICEST PERSON ON EARTH! (happy power? hahahha)

on monday i watched spiderman 2 at like.. 9:40 at night with power, annie, daniel, rachel, and beatrice. i thought it was pretty good. LOL it was so funny the way peter parker trys to act cool in his nerdy glasses and ends up tripping. :p poor guy. ahhha nerds are COOL! πŸ˜€

leave comments or props please.

celeste (:


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  1. hey celeste! haha… french toast nd eggs. LOL well. sounds lke yoo had fun. hope we getta hang in tha summer more. ill trie to come to EYG ! =] well. props for yoo! ttyl!
    lOVE C0CO <33

  2. YO CECE .i wanna see spiderman 2 . the first one is pretty good only the ending is so violent!! i wish i could’ve gone with you guys to see it 😦 i hope you come with me to see it again! πŸ™‚ the game power rented is pretty fun . see you very soon ;)your favorite sister,be funnie.

  3. blahhhh dude cece i get like the ending of the paragraph! its like o yea power also stayed… HOW SAD. next time im not gonna stay n let u get kidnapped and be bored! hmpf o yea u guys better enjoy that game while u can cuz its going back on sun

  4. Hey Celeste! Oh i just left u a comment but i guess it didnt show??!! Well anyway souds like summer is treating u well. Say hi to Beth for me!

  5. hey cece!! thanks for your b-day greeting, only that i’m turning 14 instead of 15 girl!!!  xP  starved did you??  haha, you guys didn’t have any of those PRE-MADE foods where you pop it in the microwave and DING!!  there’s a yummy yummy meal??  aww, those are the BEST!!  man! i want to see spiderman 2!!  the only english movie i’ve seen is harry potter 3, and i had already seen that.  but i think i can get the dvd [hah, for BOTH!] here for like wut.. 1RMB!! [hint: 8RMB=$1… ya, THAT CHEAP!!]  =]  i love buying stuff here… you should see all the FAKE stuff here. these people have got some SKILLS!!  okay, gotta go… sending lOVE to you all!!JAZZY

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