last night i arrived back from san francisco. i missed everyone a lot !! the wedding was awesome. it was probably the best wedding i`ve ever been to. well, at least out of the two weddings i`ve been to, it was better. 😀

i just found this somewhere . xD


15 thoughts on “

  1. Anonymous says:

    Random propz…. prop bak! lOl…. jm!

    Heyy! OMG!!!!! How could u possibly have the same thing??? My friend told me this site and i got the same exact joke thingy! wow…….. well i g2g… byebye!

  2. Anonymous says:

    hey fartbubble :D . ahha that sounded funny . . actually I shuld be the fartbubble relating to waht happened previously bfore in .. april  or something . around there . 8) ehhe . YOU KNOW WHAT i`M TALKiNG ABOUT ;) . ahhaha ! well yea . thas funny stuff right tehre x) hahah . yea . i`m so lame . kkays missed you out of my MiND ! <33 you so much E4LiFE . bye *
               — TiFFANY

  3. Anonymous says:

    hey ceLeste!!  I cant wait to see you during scHooL!!  HOpe you had fun at san francisco!! bYEE-
                                     -JOanna CHuanG–

  4. Anonymous says:

    okay here i am hunnie . 🙂 commenting you . yes well hmm . ntohing to say as usual . except i LOVE YOU SO MUCH . you dont even know how much i love you . too much . words can express how i feel . i LOVE you i LOVE beth i LOVE eyg i LOVE me i LOVE ahemm . ahemmmm . okay i`m going too far . might say something i`m not supposed to . o_____o . LOL you know hwat im talking aobut ;D . ahemm . yea . haha well . hmm . jss wanna say so excited for retreat . ahh . i jss love eyg so much . so happy i`m a member of it :D . kkays well gotta take a shower nwo . mom keeps YELLiNG and NAGGiNG . what hse does bst 🙂 . well gon` go now . mmmmmmmmmua * ! love you swtiee ❤
                        — TiFFany *

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