the retreat was soo awesome. GREEN TEAM ALL THE WAY. 8] whooot hehh even though we had to wake up soo early, i think it really helped me focus on God more and having the daily devotions really helped too. faith without deeds is dead.> we had to memorize a lot of verses & did skits and cheers for our teams. i memorized the books of the Bible too!! πŸ˜€ RACHEL STUCK HER FOOT IN MY MOUTH while i was sleeping .. GRR. be sure to keep an eye open at night .. pwahahha we had a scavenger hunt too. and we prayed for 11 people just out on the streets. i felt soo proud of myself. it`s sucha great feeling. ahhh that wasn`t so bad. i never knew i could do that, but i`m glad i did. (:

the sad thing is .. i lost< my bible though. but PRAISE THE LORD. i trust in the Him. x) even though i feel a little sad that`s okay.. =/ sighh it`s gonna be alright .. 😦

i`m gonna try to start spending more time with God and pray to Him. i have such a great feeling right now .. mann no words can explain how great it is. i`m EXCITED for God. i love him sooo much and he`s so awesome. i LOVE eyg. duno where i`d be right now without it. probably be conforming to the world, being all bad and not even touching my bible for years and it just gathering up dust. AHH it`s sucha great feeling. let`s encourage one another & start this school year strong! EYG FOR LIFE. (;


oh and by the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY YONNAN!! thanks for being so COOL even though you can be super hyper & weird sometimes .. haha you`re such an awesome leader & friend. thanks for being so nice to me & keep up your faith in God. stay strong & good luck. I LOVE YOU !! MUA* ❀

omgoodness i was reading an article that rachel told me to read .. in russia there were kids were going to the first day of school. but then people on campus took them hostage and threatened them. there were even kids of 2 years old. it`s soo sad. omgoodness and they were taken in a gym and there were people guarding all around it with explosives and guns. ahhh what`s wrong with the world..

[ edit ]
OMGOODNESS i feel soo happy. i found my bible!! annie packed it with her. AHH i`m soo glad. I LOVE GOD. =) ahhh THANKS ANNIE. MUA* man i was crying last night .. i thought i lost it. i shouldn`t have been so worried about it. whooo! praise god. πŸ˜€


10 thoughts on “

  1. hey celeste….glad u had a good time (except the part where ur sister put her foot in ur mouth)glad u found u bible too….
    that was so sad when the russian kids were held hostage..
    well i gtg..biez

  2. awww so proud of you sheshe!!! u’re growing up with God! i wish i’d been like this in middle school. i’m glad u found ur bible! sorry about the whole foot thing! =Dguess what guess what? today i didn’t want to wash the dishes, but i did it for God! cool huh.

  3. Anonymous says:

    totally . 8] eyg for life celeste . God is soo good . i cant describe how i feel about him now . evrytime i close my eyes i feel him righh nex to me . he`s jss always around me protecting me and wathcing me . i hope i enter throught the right gate and store up treasures in heaven. keep the faith up and still be fired up when school starts yea ? despite the stress and stuff we shuld still read our bible and pray evryday . start with an awesome yr . 7th grade mann ! sighh * we`v basically .. grw up together . nevr forget the memories yea ? praise the lord .. eyg for life. <33

  4. glad that you are PRAISING GOD! can praise more with cgbc on friday, september 10th, at 7pm!!! tell the rest of the gang. haha. there are waaay too many of yo LI’s. LOLZ. that russia thing is pretty scary. like they made them be naked, no food, no bathroom. and they killed like more than 100 of them. scary.

  5. Anonymous says:

    hi my lil pimp! haha so propz for you and wat does eyg stand for? alright comment me back on that please im really curious! okay thxs! bb 

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