i love my parents soo much. i duno what i would do without them .. seriously. i think sometimes .. i’m spoiled a little. not only because i’m the youngest and the cUTEST! =) hahha jk but honestly . i think sometimes i kind of .. try to take advantage of them. well not REALLY but if i want something they usually give it to me. i should learn to be more thankful and SERVE OTHERS and respect them a little more. (: i wanna be grateful for everything i have because i am really blessed! i should help more around the house. spend more TIME with them not just on the computer and my independent things. they give me so many things and everything i need. sometimes i think i can be greedy and selfish. i`ll try not to do that as much anymore. =)

be nice to your parents guys!! they deserve it. (:


9 thoughts on “

  1. yeahh! Like our parents are working their butts off just so we can have a roof over our heads and eat! ahhh i love my parents x)
    BYEE DORK HOO ROX MY UNIBROW [[but i dun have one x)]]

  2. oh man i have so many times i wanna take back like when im mean to my parents.this blog is making me feel bad =(.lol jk! but yeah we should really respect out parents. YAY EYG TODAY
    well BYE
    [[maya lee]]

  3. my parents spoil me too. i read this newsweek article about how parents shouldn’t spoil their kids. well, it was actually about ,”how to say NO to your kids”. wat happened?!?!? prasie night WAS on friday. we missed you LI’s.

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