i love play-doh.

it`s so fun to play with! i remember i used to play with it when i was litte. i had a huge bucket full of it. it`s so squishy and easy to mold. heheh just a random thought.

[ edit ]
got a new layout. it`s eeyore! lol aww eeyore is so cute. 😀 heheh
hope you guys like it


10 thoughts on “

  1. awwww this layout is so cute and i love ur song whats it called again? i’m the second person :]] scoree lOL cuz usually u get like a gazillion props and i’m second this time..SECOND THE BEST haha ok i’m weerd newaiz…I LOVE PLAY-DOH TOO we were makgin cells with play-doh..amd hmmm they smell so goood and are so awesome ok i’m REALLY weerd now wellpz i hope i can come to eyg soon kk byeee !! LOVE YAAAAA

  2. <TABLE class=blogbody cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=1 width=”100%” border=0>
    <TD width=”5%”>
    <TD vAlign=top>AWWW LEAH. someone asked you out 😉 how cuteee. my little leah is growing up. ahhaha im just kidding. aghh i havent seen you for soo long. 😦 i miss you so much! your sucha cutieee patootie! 😀 hahah hope to see you soon. come to eyg sometime alright? lOVEE YOU.
    <TD width=”5%”> 
    <TD>Posted 10/3/2004 at 3:35 PM by m0nkeybutt44deleteblock user
    coincidence? Or do you liek prop back super fast? LOL whoazerz LOL hahahahahha cutiee patootiee :]] lol kk byeeeee miss eeyore

  3. Anonymous says:

    HEyy! Wat up?? I LUV THIS LAYOUTT!!!!! LIEK TOETALLY!! haha… well…. ummm.. yea.. i LUV play-doh too! liek soo squishy and icky wicky and gooey wooey! haha… i am soo weird.. well nehoo hows skool? I LUV SKOOL!!! ok no wa moment of silence for meh… I AM NOT JOING EYG!!!! parents these days… soo evil! heh.. well i guess it’ll be a while until i meet u… poopie! well byebye!

    SMILE!!! I LUV YA!!!!
    =) Nandu (=

  4. I hope this layout wont go all crazy on ur site like it did on ours! Lol. eeyore me love! eeyore is so cool! keke ohh yeah! play-doh is so cool! i used to love play-doh.I had so many colors! Oh i ate play-doh before..tastes salty..LOl. well byeee
    [[maya lee]]

  5. Anonymous says:

    play doh rocks my weird tv . o______o .. playdoh `s awesome . me and my sister wuld fiqht ovr `em . ahahha . eeyore `s tiqht too . hes soo cute ! and he `s blue . THERES A PLUS ! :] love you cutiie .
                          miss tiffany liu

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