i havent blogged in a long time. i was at OSS this week.

things we did there:

– went on trails hikes with our naturalist CRAIG
– hanging out with my cabin group
– D-I-S-C-O thats the way we disco
– tarzan. jane. cheetah
– beads.
– bedtime stories
– ALL the counselors
– playing in the snow.
– taking pictures
– meeting new people
– running to the showers in the morning
– learning new things
– singing all night on the last day

so many memories.



15 thoughts on “

  1. arrowhead was awesome! It was cool sharing a bunk with ya! I’d always leave my stuff on ur bed =].lol soo many good memories.Now dat im home im campsick LOL. danx for making me feel betta when i was homesick [[and tanks everyone else hoo did too]] hehe well BYEE

  2. Anonymous says:

    hey poopoo ! :] man oss was fun huh ? yea it meant a lot to me . well its really nowhere now but in our memroies . i cant help remeberinq evrythinq we did .. it was .. fun . and it just past by so quickly . siqh .. God works in amazinq ways . take care . see you at holyween . love you forever cutie

  3. I really miss it too! I miss all the counselors too! Hope we can get another experience like thast again! Anyway< love ur layout and props me back! love ya! BFF

  4. FINALLY you come home, u poop. don’t ever go away for that long again. i mean, er … i didn’t miss u at all!=) sorry i’m mean to u sometimes. u know i’m just kidding! i’m glad u guys had fun BUT i really think that u guys shouldn’t be allowed to go away for so long again. ever.bye! ur fAVORITE sister

  5. Anonymous says:

    OSS was soo awesomee.  T0O bad i wasnt in your cabinn :[.  ohh well..i still LOVEE YOUU. it passed by soo fastt and quickkliee. take caree. bYEEE<3
                         –J0ANNA CHUANG–

  6. heres MY favorite song….ahem…”peter peter pumpkin eater had a wife but couldnt keep her put her in a pumpkin shell and THREW HER OUT THE WINDOW THE WINDOW THE SECOND STORY WINDOW WITH A HEAVE AND A HO AND A MIGHTY THROW AND THREW HER OUT THE WINDOW.”  ^_^ i like the violent songs…..haha.  man im gonna miss oss…o well i still have my beads and water bottle and pics 4 memory at least…

  7. Anonymous says:

    HEYY! omg…. my oss trip was awsome toooo!!! yea.. umm… we have EYG 2morrow ritee? hopee i can make it…. i mite not be able to cum cuz my dad isn’t cuming from Sacramento this weekend ;( so yea… ill try to cum yea? alritey… buuh bye!
    ~ aLwAyS rEmEmBeR mEh!!!!! noo matter wat….  

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