i guess im back to xanga again. but im not gonna be blogging as much as i used to. im trying not to be as obsessed with it anymore.

tomorrow is thanksgiving.

.. now that i think about it, i realize i have so much to be thankful for. theres too many to name.

c’mon guys. let’s be thankful people πŸ˜€
remember all the things your thankful for.
and then think of the people in .. AFRICA.
we’re so fortunate to have so many things.
sometimes we can act so greedy and want and want.

so always be thankful for whatever you have. πŸ™‚


11 thoughts on “

  1. Anonymous says:

    cool buh u didnt hafta change it!!! =) wow u havent blogged in a while…. lol buh i havent either lol soo i shouldnt b tlakin buh u noe XP   HAPPY TURKEY DAY *GOBBLE GOBBLE* lol                       -k3n-

  2. Anonymous says:

    oh boy… i no wat yoo mean… i always want want and WANT… not always but yea… yoo noe… i have always learned not to compare yoor self with sumone… yet i always do… but not with the ppls out there woo are trying to survive… instead i am comparing me with those woo seem to have a perfet life, i always think noeone has it worse than me… i hav this relli bad eye problem… but i never think of those woo have to survive being blind… HAPPIE THANKSGIVING

  3. Anonymous says:

    heyy celeste . youree soo righht . we ‘re soo fortunate to have all these things that wee have .  im soo thankfuul to have a great frnd likee youu :] l o v e youu . byeee.
                                                     J0ANNA CHUANG

  4. hEY CELESTEEEEE I LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCHA AND I”M SO HAPPY AND THANKFUL I KNOW YOU CUZ I DUNNoh UR JUSt SOooOO SWeET πŸ˜€ and it was coooool seeing yu at the parade i hope We GEt To TALK MOre And HAnG OUt MORe CUZ i REALl REALLY LAVA Yu and I hOep We StAy fRiENds FoR A lOng Time πŸ˜€

  5. Anonymous says:

    hey runt head :] thanks for havinq me over for thanksqivinq dinner yesterday . i really appreciate it .i still owe you $5 . oo for dinner . thanks a lot . i had a qreat time . and if you didn know , you and your family wer on my thankful list bcos of what you quys provide for me and stuff . you quys ar like sisters to me and your parents ar so kind . i cant thank you enouqh for what you `v done for me and everythinq for hte past 7 years . i love you more and more everyday :] your so swt and i can never repay you for what you do . all i can do is thank God how much he `s blessed me for meetinq you and more . your the best present iv ever recieved from God bcos without knowinq you , i probably wouldv never knew Him . God works in amazinq ways . your a pure anqel sent from above . thanks for everythinq . your so awesome . i love you . ❀
                                     xx tiffanyliuu

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