Heaven – DJ Sammy (Candelight Mix)

Isn’t it so pretty? ❤
I really want to learn how to play it on the piano (:

PLUS, it’s based on the meaning of my name.

Eyg retreat is tomorrow.
I can’t waitttt. :]


8 thoughts on “

  1. i know this songgggg.its so pretty. lame celeste -.- have you heared the remix of it? its upbeat, its the one ihave on my ipod but this one is prettier. lOL. yknow we havent hung out AT ALL. except like band stuff. ): are you going to the practice on the day we come back from retreat?

  2. Errr. Technically it would have to be Celestial to mean heavenly. Just to let you know. =) Haha anyway… nice song. I love this song. ^_^ Have fun at your EYG retreat tomorrow!

  3. IM BORED CELESTEE!!! COME BACK SOON:(. im probably gonna be alone on monday . everyone’s gone. but i still have joanna to talk to:P. souplantation was so fun:). we like sat there and talked for like 2 hours and we got a second cookie cuz the guy came back to serve more and we were there for so long. haha. there’s like no more time to hang out anymore. there’s shell week and then band camp then labor day and then finally, the first day of high school. :(. andd we never had our sleepover. we should have one before band camp, so we can go there together! like a parade. remember? those were the days…

  4. hey celeste!!! i’m back. LOL!! got back on saturday. lol! THANK YOU SOO MUCH for making my layout!! it’s soo purty!!! 🙂 i LOVE it ^^ thank you thank you thank you. lol :þ ooo! pretty song!! i heard it before ^^ very nice :] it’s soo calm and just pretty :] lol. that soo cool! celeste means heavenly. iono what my name means xD LOLL!! hehe. well! c ya soon! school is about to start BUT i don’t dink u want to dink about it xD cuz i don’t. LOL! <33 Vivian

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