I got a new cell phone ❤
Ask me for it. 🙂

Today was the carwash for Arcadia Music Club. I was at the Holly Avenue location. It was reallyyy fun. I got super duper wet though. We washed soo many cars! 🙂 Yayyy


4 thoughts on “

  1. LOL!! COOLL!! u got a cell phone!!! AWESOME!! oh! i wanna see it on monday and tell me ur cell phone # too 🙂 lol!! cool xD yay!! carwash! lol! i didn’t go but i bet it was fun ^^ c ya celeste <33

  2. yayy i love our new phones. omg, your phone is soo puny . it’s so cute (: the car wash was a success! it was fun holding the sign even though it was sort of embarrassing but yeah (:THIS SONG IS SO GOOD & IT MAKES ME SAD.OMG SO PRETTY.

  3. you’re phone is so cute:D im still wondering how beth’s looks like. what in the world is beth’s profile picture? im gonna check it out after i comment you. i need to go to bed. hehe it’s 11:17. 

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