I need an opinion.

Which screename should I use?

shortstuff xb
i cee you8D


13 thoughts on “

  1. i cee you 8D cause its like mine! why is your font so tiny on this chat thing? EEEEK its like microscopic! ahaha i think you should use it cause what if youre older and youre like gigantic and not short at all :]youre not that short anyways.

  2. yupppers!! everyone agrees with me xD LOL!!! like i said before us e i cee you8D LOL!!! whee! 😀 just to make sure i made the point to use i cee you8D LOLL!!! hehe. okay! c ya tomorrow celeste :)<33 Vivian

  3. wasup my coolio butt head ahaha..jk anwyho..i lvu u soo much! if you ever need me..jsut tell me:) luv u mucho grande:)…gosh..i’m so obssessed with your song..like whemn i do hw i purposely turn on the computer and go to your xanga..and listen to your song while i’m doing my homework:) ahaha..wow..anywho..see youa t school:) i’m going to keep on typing until the song is done..so..HMmm…how’s everything..i luv ur song…umm..umm.uum…umm…i think your sn shoudl be both..iono..hmMM..wow..i make no snese right now..ahah.you’re probably like,..OMG..steph is wasting my time..supid stephennie..ahah..ok..i’l stop being lame…so how much piano do you rpactice..i like never practice and like carol is getting so mad at me….gahh..stupid highscool..i want to go back to middle school..i msis it soo mcuh..it weas so much easier…GAHH….yupyup….baby..you’re all that i want…when your lying here in my arms..i’m finding it hard to believe we;’re in ehaven..love is all that i need and i foudn it there in your heart it isn’t too hard to see we’re in heaven..Ohh..ohh.oh…*music* *Musci* oh.oh..oh…..Hmmmm…we’re in heaven..ok..i’lls top typign now..laterz:)

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