I haven’t blogged in a longggg time. Don’t worry, I didn’t quit xanga!

Well, in case you guys didn’t already know, I got a dog! He’s a black terrier mix and his name is Darth Vader, but “Vader” for short. My family got him about a week ago, and he is the most adorable thing on the planet! We got him from the humane society and they said they found him on the streets. 😦 He had to be neutered and had a surgery, so we can’t wash him until Saturday. He’s really dirty and icky, but still super cute. Man, I never realized how hard it is to raise a dog and take care of it. It takes up so much of my time! I’ll post a picture of him once he’s all washed up and pretty. πŸ˜€

This week is going by really slow for me. Today (Wednesday) I thought it was Thursday and I keep on thinking tomorrow is Friday. Ughhh I want the weekend to come faster!

School is going to end so soon. This year went by soo fast! Seriously, it’s seems like only yesterday that it was the first day of school. Wowwww.


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  1. oh man, dont even remind me. loll.i totally dont mind more time to study for tests. D: eek.but id like for it to be summer now. lol.heyy. freshman year is almost over. i hope youve been enjoying it. :)) go watch the orchesis show! theyre freaking awesomee.God ♥ bless~steph

  2. HEy CELESTE!! you never told me you got a dog!! LOL!! HOW CUTE!!!! (: lol. aww i want a dog πŸ˜€ lol. oh yeah i have ur little teddy bear (: she’s fine don’t worry. when my mom saw it she was like IT”S SO CUTE!!! LOL!! she was like how did you get it. i was like oh it’s my friends xD LOLL!! oh how funny!! darth vadar xD LOLLL!! omgsh this week is going by soo slow for me too >< darn. LOL! but anyways have fun with ur adoarble puppy!! haha. can;t wait to see it! byes (:

  3. aww ha;F of my comment didn’t even show up 😦 well umm.. i dink i said that like there is nothing reallly to look forward to except for that field trip i’m going on (: hehe. and MY BIRTHDAY but there are finlas in june >< darn! and school ends on the 14 😦 loll! but anyways yeahh. that’s all i remeber that i wrote xD hahahaa!

  4. GOSh…you guys are such losers!!.ahah.jkjkjk..you guys are sooper cute..eheh…anwyho…take care and i wanna see your dog but of course it wont’ be as cute as mine(; eheh…anywho..<3 you

  5. lol omg ily guys. soo cutee<3and yeahhh, i feel that this year went by supperrr fast toooo! haha, its a good thing though. can’t wait for soph. yearrrr πŸ™‚
    and OMG! you haven’t evne had your braces THAT long. well, like 1 and a half years right? yeah i got them last april. EEEE, rubberbands HURT. 😦 and my ortho tightened my wire SO TIGHT. it hurrtss, and i cant eat anything :(! i’m so saddddd.

  6. You got a dog?? And you didn’t tell me? =( Psshhhhh. Aaahhhhh I wanna see Darth Vader! LOL. I guess you like him better than your rabbits now, eh? x) Hmm I still haven’t inserted that coin slot in your copy machine…. o_O LOL.

  7. woowww :]that dog sounds so cute… it sounds like a dog i saw in a pet shop in Santa Barbara. it whined at me and its eyes said, ” TAKE ME WITH YOU! PLEASSE :] i promise i’ll make you happy and i’ll be good” :[ but my parents dont allow pets, because no one will be at home to take cared of them

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