Okay, I’m supposed to be doing my english Romeo & Juliet essay ( which is due tomorrow), but I’m procrastinating and ended up on xanga. =x

Well, I’ve got my whole schedule planned out for next year. I really hope I’m making the right decisions. I’ve been worrying about so much these past couple of days and I’ve been asking my sister for her advice and stuff. It’s so hard making decisions about high school when you know it affects your future. So I plan on taking biology over the summer and then my sophmore year I plan on taking:

Marching Band
Concert Band –> which will turn into Dev of CivA
Mandarin 4
English Honors
Algebra 2

So, this week is going to be relaxed since we’re having CSTs, so hopefully there won’t be as much homework.

I can’t wait until Friday!
Good luck to everyone on their CSTs.
Have a great week. 🙂