I finally saw Spiderman 3 yesterday night. I thought it was reallyyy good. I don’t understand why people were saying it was bad though. I mean I guess some parts were kind of cheesy and weird, but I enjoyed the majority of it. I’m glad I didn’t waste $9.50 on a movie. Man, watching movies in theaters is soo expensive now! I shouldn’t watch as many movies anymore. 😦 It stinkssss though. I lovedddd Spiderman 3. I think another reason why I loved it so much was that at first I had high hopes for it when it first came out. Then I heard from a bunch of people that it wasn’t good, so then I went to the movie with low expectations. I guess it worked. =)

YAYYYYY I get my braces off tomorrow!
And haircut tomorrow too?
And I’ll wear my glasses for sure! Hopefully.