MMK, so I had like the best sleep last night. I slept at 7:30 PM yesterday and woke up today at 9:30. That’s 14 hours of sleep! Hahah and then I ditched dog school because I overslept. =X Just the night before Bethanie pulled an all nighter! She got half an hour of sleep or something like that. Man, she’s seriously insane.

Yesterday there was a lockdown at school. Apparently someone called the main office and said that there was someone in the band room who had a gun, and they made an announcement over the speakers that there was a lockdown. But I didn’t hear it since I was in the PE locker room. There were people going outside to get ready for PE and then people told them to go back inside because it was a lockdown. I had no clue what was going on and I was soo confused. I thought it was a joke or like the senior prank. So my PE buddies and I just sat there for like an hour or so in the locker rooms. Later on, my band teacher told us that there were armed police officers that went banged against the door and came in with guns and told everyone to get down on the ground. They had to check every single person to see if they had a gun and they checked all the rooms and people’s backpacks. But it was just a false alarm. Mm, interesting day.


9 more days<3