God really changed me today … seriously.

Omg, I’ve never experienced something so as;dlfkj AMAZINGGG as tonight. I feel really differerent. I walked out of that building a totally changed person. I felt his presence and I seriously hope that this isn’t just an emotional high and that it’ll stop like in a month. That’s what always happens to me at retreats and stuff – I get all emotional and like “Ahhh, ok I’m gonna change! I feel it!” Blah blah blah and all that junk. But this time, I really want to stay changed. I want to live for GOD and not for this world. I know it’s going to be hard with all the distractions and temptations of this world, but I feel really determined right now. I know I can do this with his strength and encouragement. I really need guidance and courage. I don’t know how long this will last, whether it’ll be for a month or the rest of my life …

But I know I can do this.