Today was the start of finals. I had one final today for Mandarin, and I guess I did okay. I got a B but it’s alright because I have a really high grade in that class, so it probably didn’t bring it down a whole lot. Hopefully … ! Mmm, so then after that I had concert band and I spent the whole period signing yearbooks. It was fun! =) Tomorrow is gonna be a chilllll day because I don’t have any finals! But I still have to study for geometry, which is going to be KILLER. I heard it was reallyyy hard. I’m so scared! 😦 I hope I do okay.

So today afterschool, the eight went to Carl’s Jr for lunch. It was soo funnnn! Man I love my friends<3 They mean the world to me. 🙂 Then after that we went to Tapioca Express/Ace Yogurt across the street, then walked to the library to "study". Chyeaaa it was fun.

Pictures from today & yesterday.

I got my biology schedule for the summer! I have Wilcoxon in J4. I heard he’s superrrr easy. Yayyyy! Plus I have it with my sister. LOLLLL woohoooo.

2 more days.