Happy birthday Vivian Wang! ❤

Yayyy, you’re finally 15! Hehehe spongebob. LOL I’m so glad I was able to hang out with you more this year and get closer to you. You’re such a goofy, energetic person and I really enjoy being around you. You have such a contagious smile and it’s hard not to be happy too! =) And you can get pretty weird and hyper sometimes, but it’s okay. ;D Chocolate altoids & chocolate macadamia nuts<3 CHYEAAAA. Hahaha I have so many inside jokes with you! I loveeee your cute bubbly personality. And I feel so comfortable around you and I can tell you like ANYTHING. No more geometry! Yayyyy. It was fun complaining about geometry with you and suffering together and being study buddies! YEAAAA geo buddies CVS! Weeeee. I hope you had an awesome birthday! You deserve it. ;D