Today was one hectic day. Okay so first of all, yesterday I went to Newport Beach again, this time with some church friends. It was really fun! I loveeee the beach<3 The weather there is gorgeous, and their houses are GINORMOUS and soo nice. I bet they're worth like 3 million dollars just because they're so close to the beach. I really enjoyed yesterday. 🙂

Then this morning, I woke up and I looked at my alarm clock and it said “7:50 AM”, and that’s the time that school starts! So I was freaking out and I was like “BETH! WAKE UP! LOOK AT THE TIME!” We rushed out of bed and quickly got dressed and stuff and ran out the door like mad. Joseph dropped us off on Campus near the J-Building where my classroom is. I was so embarrassed walking into that door. Plus I sit in the very back of the room so everyone was able to look at me while I walked past. Ackkk, so embarassing. I hate being late. 😦

From now on, I’m going to set like 13409943876 alarms in the morning.

And one more thing, BIOLOGY SUCKS.
k, gonna work on some homework.


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  1. HEY CELESTE!! omgsh! i was late to school too >< but the purty view was pretty oh! and i went “body surfing ” too. okay i’m just repeating myself since you know already xD hahaha! but yeah (: yay! we both got a B in geo!!! (: happy day!! 😀 hehehehe (: we survived :] so funny how we’re happy over a B (: hehehe. anywhoo see ya tomorrow celeste (: byes ❤

  2. LOL AWWW. i was like “hmm. is celeste really ditching? no fair!” and i was like “Who will i hang with during break!” but its all good. you poor girlies. anyways, todays bio homework isnt a lot! i finsihed at 5 after a two hour nap! wipeee. i need to study. for sure. ahaha (:

  3. Hey Celeste! =) TSK TSK LATE FOR SCHOOL. x) Hahhahahaaha. Wowwww I guess none of your family noticed, eh? o_O Hmmm well don’t be late anymore missy. =D LOL you should be like me. 😉 Hehe I actually have been coming to school pretty early lately… which is weird for me. x) OMG YEAH BIO SUCKS. -____-X Stupid biology. Hmph. stupid Williams…. >___< Blah. Alright then I hope to see you soon Celeste! =D And btw I just realized I can’t do Fridays cuz I have volunteering at the library from 4-6… unless I go to your house until like 3:00. So… Saturday? x)

  4. dudee i can’t believe we woke up right when school started. and the other time when we woke up & had five minutes to get ready! what’s wrong with us?! i think our brains are in a “summer zone.” we think this is the time of year where we’re supposed to be able to sleep in, but we can’t! hmm, we definitely need a million alarms from now on..

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