Yesterday was the first day that it really hit me that Vader is gone. When I first found out, for some reason I wasn’t all that sad. I didn’t cry much, I just sort of accepted it. But yesterday, I finally realized that Vader really did run away and he really might not be coming back. And I felt a terrible pain inside me and I just started crying uncontrollably. I felt so terrible because I had been such a bad owner and I had treated him so unfairly. I felt horrible and cruel and I was just so sorry to him, and I cried for a long time. I’m so sorry Vader. Come back please, I’ll treat you better this time ..

Oh, and I didn’t make it to Algebra 2 Honors, but I’m okay with that. I wasn’t surprised at all. Congratulations to the people that made it though!

Friday, you better come fast.