I’m in a good mood! =)

I don’t know why. I know my previous entries were kind of emo, and I apologize for that. Maybe it’s because tomorrow is Friday and I am SO EXCITED! I was looking forward to it ever since Sunday. Hahaha I love Fridays. They make me so happy. I really have an urge to go to Target or the mall and just shop. I need to relax from this stressful week. It’s been a toughie. Lots of drama and biology homework and stressing out and crazy hard tests and blahh. I need to seriously GET AWAY.

Biology is nonstop stress. Every time I think I can relax, he assigns another project or we have a test the next day or a whole mess of homework to do. Ughhh, I really dislike biology right now. -___- But I think my teacher likes me because I’m a twin and Bethanie is in my class! Hahaha he likes talking to us. And we’re kind of learning about genetics and he refers to us a lot. Woohooo, we got on his good side. Time to kiss up! >) Hahahha

I’m so excited for the Eyg retreat! I really need one. =( I’ve been so distant from God and my relationship has really fallen apart. Everytime I go to a church event or a retreat I feel so “refreshed” and I say “Okay, I’m going to start over. I’m really dedicating myself” and I get a spiritual high, and it dies within a couple weeks. It’s really sad … I wish I had more passion. I don’t know. But then again, it’s not always about the feelings. Like I know the way I’m supposed to be acting and I actually think to myself “I’m going to read my Bible” but then I always somehow just get distracted. It doesn’t make any sense! I know it’s good for me, but I always find a way to get out of it. Bleh, I’m messed up. 😦

We still haven’t found Vader. Please be looking out for him! I don’t really have a recent picture of him but here’s one from my old entry:

Please tell me if you see any sign of him at all. I’d really appreciate it! Thanks.

That was one of the longest entries I’ve written in a while! I love you, xanga<3 🙂


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  1. HI CELESTE! muahahaha! first to comment 8) i love the weekends and esp. fridays 😀 fridays are my relaxing day. no matter how much hw i have, i do nothing but pig out and do w/e i want on friday 8) LOL!! and the weekends, well let’s just say i CAN do my hw but iono if i will (; LOLL! have fun at ur eyg retreat ((: & yeah i’ve been keeping my eye open for the cute little vadar. i’m sure he’ll come back (= don’t give up on the little munckin (: hehehe. anywhoo!! have fun again (:

  2. dude i know. mr will loves you guys. SO not fair considering the fact that not everyone in the world can get a twin -_____-. mr biast. hmph. ahh i hope he doesnt see that tehehe. o_O man stress and all this stuff sucks ):i would feel so much better if we didnt have any projects due. tim told me he never had to do any projects besides the timeline. WHAT THE DHIOSHDISDHIOSDHI ?!? 😦

  3. Anonymous says:

    he`s so adorable. don`t worry celeste i`ll keep a sharp eye out for him (: aww don`t worry summer school `ll be over SOON (: so then no more bio! hahah. just hang in there (: &have funnnnn at your eyg retreat (:

  4. Ugh bio is so… !!! Gahhh. But it’s the weekend now YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYY!!!! =) Have a really nice and relaxing weekend Celeste. =) No more stress allowed! ^_^ Aahhh have fun on your EYG retreat…. And don’t worry I’ll keep both my eyes out for Vader. O___O Hehe! =)

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