I had a crazy hectic week. Biology, biology. Blehhh. Lately I’ve been sleeping soo late. Like at 1:00 or 2:00 even when I don’t have all that much homework. Or I usually procratinate until superduper late at night even though I could’ve done it a lot earlier. I noticed I’ve been going on the computer a lot more than usual. I don’t know what’s wrong with me! I have no self control. 😦 Mmm, I really need to work on sleeping earlier! I’ve been so tired at school and I’d start dozing off during class. And then the result of staying up late is waking up later in the morning and having to rush to school and making it right as the bell rings. It’s embarassing because I run to class and then I try to look like all calm when I walk in the door even though my nostrils are flaring. Hehehe anyways, Wilcoxon is insane! He assigned another two projects to us. Pooooop!

Today afterschool I went to Mandy’s house along with lots of other people and we all just hungout. It was so funnnn. 🙂 I love hangouts! I wish I could do it more. I totally would if I wasn’t busy all the time with biology. -___-x Hehehe love my friends.

Today my sister held a women’s bible study at my house. She talked about eating disorders and self-worth and stuff that really applied to my life. It was reallyyy good. I like having small groups because I feel like I can be way more open. I’m so glad we started it. Good job Rachel. 😀

Have a good weekend!


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  1. cece! you still have me and the oth music on your blog :D. shouldnt you keep the oth music private? unless you want to share it then it doesnt matter. anywayysss, today was fun and i know youre happy you got to hang with me the WHOLEEEE day (:

  2. HEY CELESTE!! aww you lucky butt! you at least got to hang out and have fun for a day x) i was just at home being a loser -.- stupid biology! i bet bio can be sooo much “funner” if the teachers can be much better at teaching it but no! ): argh!! there are so much stuffi want to do this summer. like of course watching movies, do stuff with friends, go to amusement parks, have my first sleepover x)) LOL! , go lasertagging and other stuff! sighh :[ and plus this monday i have a test >< omgsh!!! i wanna cry! maybe i’ll play bball this weekend with a few couple of friends… hmmm.. LOL! anywhoo enjoy YOUR weekend ((:

  3. LOL! well when i was younger my mom wouldn’t let me go to sleepovers and ppl did invite me but my mom wouldn’t let me so yeah. but now my mom said i can and my brother surprisingly has gone to a lot of sleepovers -.- WEIRD! LOL!! ahh!! hurry and finish the fifth and sixth book!! LOL!! if you wait too long to read the 7th someone evil might spoil it! that is what i’m afraid of ><

  4. Oh my goodness you have worse sleeping habits than I do. o__O Yeah same thing as Joanna said… sleep earlier! ^_^ Seriously you’re like gonna die in college if you can’t sleep before midnight now…. o__o# Wow your bio teacher sounds like so much fun…. Haha good luck with him… just two more weeks! =) Aaahhhh I’m so happy bio’s almost over!! ^__^

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