New song:
I Still Believe – by Jeremy Camp.
^ This is one of my favorite songs of all time<3

Oh man, I think my eyes are getting worse. When I just sitting at my computer and talking on AIM, everything was getting really blurry. I tried rubbing them, thinking that I was just tired, but it stayed blurry. And then I put on my glasses and it looked a lot more clear. I’m so worried! I think my vision got worse. =( I’m going to try wearing my glasses more now.

Mm, I have a DNA project due Monday and I still haven’t started. I got my materials yesterday in the afternoon, and yet I wasted so much time on the computer and blah. I feel so lazy. Ackk, I keep procrastinating. I’ll start FOR SURE tonight. =) Hehehe, if you see me online today, KICK ME OFF. I don’t know if I will actually listen to you, but at least try!

LSKJDFLKJSDLKFJLAKJDF. I seriously cannot wait until next Saturday when I shall be free from summer school torture and dumb piano competitions. 😦



6 thoughts on “

  1. Hey Celeste! =) Wow that picture looks cool… ^_^ Hehe. Oh geez you shouldn’t stare at the computer too much… or your eyes are gonna be worse than mine! =O Well that probably will never happen. -__-X But yeah… like you should take breaks every so often if you’ve been staring at the computer or reading too much…. Haha stop procrastinating and do your project!!! =) Agghhhh I can’t wait until bio is over… stupid bio. -____-X

  2. CELESTE LI!! you should ALWAYS wear ur glasses when ur looking at a book or watcing tv or computer and like all taht kind of stuff >< i’mma really gonna plug ur computer off and i’mma take it home with me xD LOL! seriously celeste! get that big shiny A ((: don’t sleep so late ): i won’t be YOUR friend if you dont’ sleep early :DDD

  3. im crossing both of my fingers hoping yuove started on your project right now. please dont start at 11 like you said you would; lol!sleep early.before 12, remember. if you do for at least two consecutive days, ill consider going on that meanfast you’ve been talking about.

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