I just came back from the USC twin project, and I am so exhausted.

I spent about 6-7 hours stuck in a room while a guy asked me questions about my relationships with people, my family, my friends, my relationship with my sister, stuck wires on me and made me play computer games in order to see how I’d react to certain things, made me stare at pictures and asked me what I thought about them, asked how close I am to my twin, asked some personal questions, made me play a card game, tested my speaking and creative skills, made me do a nutrition diary of the previous day (they ask me every single little detail of what I ate, such as how much mayo was in your egg mcmuffin? Would you say a teaspoon or a tablespoon? How much milk? A glass? Two glasses? Did you drink all of it, most of it, or just had a taste of it? etc.), tested my arithmetic skills, collected my saliva, and did a cheek swab to get my DNA.

Oh my goodness, I am TIRED! Sldkfjslkdjflksjdf and I had to wake up so early today too (9:30!) just to be able to get there in time. 😦 I kept dozing off while they were testing me because I was so exhausted (I hadn’t gotten enough sleep the night before! Not a good idea …), and I had to stare at some computer screen for the longest time and it felt like an eternity. Another thing was that I was super duper hungry! I had barely eaten anything all day and I kept thinking about food. 😦 Mm, oh well I got money so I guess that’s a plus. And they gave us some cool t-shirts as a souvenir. Hehehe well I’ve been doing this for a while now, I think fourth or fifth grade? It’s this research that they’ve been doing and they test twins to see how they relate and behave, and they’re doing this research in order to help other kids. So yeah, that was my long and tiring day at USC.

SYTYCD is tonight<333 I'm so excited! 😀


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  1. LOL when you said “so early!” I was expecting something like 7:00 or something… ahahha. 9:30 is NOT early LOLLLL. You need more sleep missy!! And you need to read too. -__- Wowwwww that twins program thing is so scientific-ish! Haha you were the guinea pig. =P Aahhh you’re lucky you got paid. I want a twin! =(

  2. HI CELESTE!!! i’m in georgia! just saying hi!! ohhhh how cool (: a twin project :] LOL! wow sooo specific and detail o.O i’m pretty sure that is exhausting >< haha! u got paid how cool 8) it’ll be so cool if u were in a book about the project thingy. hahaha! okay well TTYL CELESTE ❤

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