This blog is for my biggest fan out there, Joanna Chuang. ;D Haha sorry for the delay in blogging.

These past couple of days have been one of the best days of my entire summer!<3 Here’s just a sum up of what I did:

– Went to Maya’s house and got some Bin Bin Konjak<3 Good stuff.
– Walked to Sin Bala from Mandy’s house in 80 degree weather. I was dyingggg!
– Sin Bala! Ordered Sin Bala rice. 🙂
– Arcadia Supermarket, we were loud and noisy and took millions of pictures.
– Watched Casino Royale.
– Photoboothing<333
– Ran at the track for 2 miles.
– Sleepoverrrrr!
– Youtubing all night.
– Watched “While You Were Sleeping.”
– More Photoboothing<3
– Slept at 4:30.
– Woke up at 12:00 the next morning and was dead tired.
– Went to Power’s house and played Wii for 3-4 hours.
– Playing Mario Party and owning everybody! 😀
– Went to Whole Foods Market and ate some wraps and chicken.
– Running at the park for 2 miles.


I love my friends. =)

Ahhh summer<3
Why do you have to end so soon 😦


5 thoughts on “

  1. 13/17 all had to do with me (: hehehe. you spend way to much time with me, ugh x_x hehe just kidding dear.AHH. did you have to put that first picture of me? 😦 i look so weird. but its okay, im cool B) nothing will make me weird. MUAHAHA<33

  2. omg celeste.this blog made me so happy i almost cried. LOL!dasjgklgjkl;g, it makes me all warm and happyyyy.
    lol probably cause im so fricken lonley in asia right now lolbut you guys aresooooo cuteee<3

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