Here are some pictures that I took.
They’re not the best, but it’s start! =)

Hahah, I guess you can say I’m kind of obsessed. 🙂


8 thoughts on “

  1. celeste, i can’t believe you took all these!they are beeeautiful omygoodness<3aww im happy youre doing good use with a digicam besdies camera whoring like i do LOL<3 awww.
    you can get so rich off of photography! :)and i looooveeee pretty pictures. that makes me so happy.i wanna save all of them lol. but i cant cause im on some laptop in taiwan.
    btw, i miss youuu so much you know!&all of eyg tooo! tell them that please<3

  2. HI LAMEBUTT (: nice pictures ((: i like it!! how do you make it so pro? must be the camera (; anywhoo I’M BACKKKK!! (: hehehehehhee. i know ur so happy :] be nice now celeste (;

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