New song: Everything – by Lifehouse

1: Marching Band – Sherill
2: Concert Band 2 – Landes
3: English Honors – Cordero
4: Chemistry Honors – Dagis
5: Algebra 2 – Zhang
6: Mandarin 4 – Hsia

Anybody have classes with me?

Hm. Life’s good.

Band camp is next week and I’m super excited! Oboes<3 Hahaha I love how I have a small section, cause we mess around so much while we're supposed to be practicing. And all the other sections are all hardcore while we sit in an air conditioned room taking naps and watching the Simpsons. Yup, fun stuff. 🙂

On the other hand, I am MAJORLY DEAD. I still haven’t finished even one single book for the summer reading list for english honors. OH MYYYY. Ugh, I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I gotta get to it!

School’s starting so soon. Agh, I’m so not ready to be a sophomore.


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  1. great part of my comments didn’t show up. lol! i just basically said to just stay calm and read! read during lunch and dinner if you have to. (: don’t go onto the computer -.- then ur reading mode is gone.

  2. Hey Celeste! Have fun in band camp. =D And jeez I keep telling you to read and look where you are… not even done with Memoirs yet. Come on Celeste, just sit down and DO IT. Don’t make excuses, don’t say “oh I’m too tired.” No, just READ!!! Hmm you’re on AIM right now so I guess I’ll go make you read now. Have a nice day. =D

  3. Anonymous says:

    i`m glad we have algebra 2 and mandarin together (: gonna be FUNnnnnn.hahah band camp 🙂 it`s almost here. i feel excited but i don`t want really want to practice hahah (:

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