Mm … so much has happened in this past week. Drama, schoolwork, tests, football games, disappointment, excitement. Overall, I think this was the hardest week since the school year started for me. And I keep disapointing myself … like with grades. I’ve been worrying so much about my grades because this year they really count. My sister keeps on stressing the importance of GPA and getting straight A’s. It’s gonna be hard, though. I have to work harder. I can’t slack off! But I keep procrastinating all the time. Ugh, I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I still have no motivation to try anymore.

I went to a city-wide student rally last night where all the churches in Arcadia came together at the Arcadia Presbyterian church to fellowship together and worship God. It was so much fun! I loved the music and seeing everyone’s passion really inspired me. I felt so moved by His presence and it felt so good to be gathered around a group of believers just praising God. We really need that kind of thing more often.

Just one.