Homecoming 2007.
“Backstage Pass For Two”

I never realized how hectic planning for Homecoming would be. I was going crazy this past week having to buy my dress, shoe, earrings, purse, boutonniere, and getting my nails and hair done. Dances are so expensive too! I spent so much money this past week. But it’s all worth it. 😀 I love getting all dressed up and seeing everyone in their pretty dresses and tuxedos!

I arrived at the high school at around 5:00 and hung out with Katherine and Bethanie until our dates came. Then we took pictures, which took a while. Then we got into our limo to head to dinner. It was the first time I’ve ever been in a limo! It was so much fun. 😀 The restaurant we went to was called Mediterranean Grill, which is the most GHETTO place ever. It was like a cafe and SO not a fancy dinner kind of restaurant. I felt so over-dressed and out of place there. And then there was this belly dancer that was trying to get some of the guys and girls to dance with her. It was hilarious ’cause Jerry and Carlo started dancing and making their moves on her. ;D Hahhah.

Our limo arrived at the Jim Henson Sounds Studio at around 9:15. The place was so pretty! It was set up so it was like the backstage of a movie set. But it was really cold because it was an outdoor setting and the dance floor was indoors. The dance floor was HUGE and reallyyy pretty. It was a lot of fun! Afterwards we headed to Tatiana’s to hang out, but everyone just dead tired and sleeping on her couches. Hahahha. I got back around 2:00 and just got into my pajamas and dropped into my bed. I had a fun night. 🙂

Thank you, William, for being a great date. 😀



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  1. OMGSH!!! I’M SOO JEALOUS!!! you have noo idea xD LOLL!!! one word, GORGEOUS!! OMGSHH!!! u guys look sooo pretty! woww man :] i’m blown away. all smiles :] excellent ❤ LOL!! gahh!! you pretty people :] hehehe. aww i’m SOOOO glad you had funn 🙂 i really am. ur dress is soo pretty! love the hair and the earrings (; yeah! beth’s hair is pretty tooo! so elegant. wow. lol. okay i’ll stop complimenting you xD anyways seems like a lot of fun and i’m pretty sure it was (((: hehehehe.

  2. oh man thanks for posting these … celeste, beth u guys look sooo prettyyyyy i wish i had been there to help u get ready!!!!! awww u have to tell me how it was later!! seriously u guys look gorgeous .. gross … what is this .. i can’t legitimately call u an ugly poop anymore.

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