Asldkfj. I’ve been so lazy lately, it’s not even funny. Okay, so yesterday I was procrastinating like crazy and when I went to bed I hadn’t even done ANY of my homework. I ended up doing my chemistry homework and finished up some reading for English during concert band and I did my math homework in the beginning of the class. I feel so behind and lost in all my classes. Also, I fell asleep in Algebra 2 today and so I had to ask the person in front of me how to do the classwork. It was the first time I went to school and hadn’t done any of my homework. I keep frustrating myself and disappointing myself. I’ve been feeling like this for a while, and I know I keep saying it in all my Xanga entries. I just need motivation again. 😦 And this is the year that it really counts, too! Aiyyyyy.

Mm, Mount Carmel competition this Saturday is most likely canceled because of the fire that’s happening down south. I was watching the news and the fire looks soo huge. Schools were canceled and thousands of families were evacuated from their homes. Man, it must really suck for them. 😦 Definitely be praying for them!

Back to my huge load of homework. 😦