What an awesome week it’s been. Next week is going to be even better because it’s Thanksgiving weekend, meaning another four day weekend, meaning only three school days! I’m so excitedddd. Plus it’s going to be BLACK FRIDAY, meaning lots of sales! Woohoooo. 😀 Man, lately I’ve been wanting new things and wanting to buy more and more. It’s so bad, but the more I shop, the more I want. Asldkfjlkjsdf ahhh! It’s so bad. It’s sucking me in. ):

AFOB is tomorrow! Gotta wake up nice and early at 7:00 and step-off is at 9:00. Come and watch! Then we get a break after parade and come back at 5:00 for the field show. I’m excited for that. I love field shows. They make me happy. ❤

These next couple of months are gonna be the bomb. =)