All my tests are over and the rest of my week is going to be so chillll. 8] I totally messed up on my chem, algebra 2, and mandarin test, but agh I can’t do anything about it. It makes me kind of mad, but I’m just glad it’s allll OVER! I finished my homework and it’s only 5:45 right now! Hahha I’m so proud of myself. πŸ˜€ Now … I need to catch up on Mists of Avalon. Gah, dumb book. >(

I am sOO excited for winter break. I’ve been needing one for a really long time. I pulled an all-nighter on Sunday doing my comic book because I was dumb enough to start the day before it was due, not realizing how long it would take. I really don’t understand myself sometimes. -_-x But, whatever. Anyways, I might be going to San Francisco for Christmas to visit my relatives! πŸ˜€ And Saturday is gonna be one funnn day. Hehhe, ahh I love winter break.

Christmas! What’s the reason for the season, guys? πŸ™‚

And, one more thing.


You’re 17 now! Man, you’re so old!! You’re such a bully to me sometimes, but thanks for being the goofy big sister that you are and looking out for me, no matter how much you pick on me. Hehe, have a happy birthday and I ENVYYYYY YOU! I think you know why, lol. 😦 And I know you miss when I used to go into your room when I turned on the shower, rightttt? Hehhe sorry for being annoying sometimes and when Bethanie and I can get loud and prevent you from sleeping. And sorry for always trying on your shoes! Hehhe well HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEA! =) And get insurance so you can drive me around (not that you don’t already)!