Featured Question: What are five random facts about you?

1. There are times I want to be Korean because of the cool language. And I’d be able to eat Korean BBQ all the time! πŸ˜€ And I like Korean dramas, hehe.

2. I’m a twin, but to be honest , I don’t really like being a twin. I know everybody always says that they wished they had a twin and all, but really, it’s not that great. And Bethanie agrees with me, so I’m not gonna get in trouble by her, haha. But there’s so much competition involved in being a twin and you never get to have anything of your own. You have to share a lot and I hate when people mix me up with Bethanie all the time. And there are SO many times that all people have said to me is “Let me guess … you’re Bethanie! Oh darn, you’re Celeste? How can I tell you two apart? You guys look so alike!” I guess it’s nice being a twin sometimes because it’s “unique” or whatever, but really, it’s not all that great. And I don’t like being compared to her either … and I think we get mad at each other when one is better than the other at something and they get jealous. Oh yeah, and also I don’t like it when people don’t know I’m Celeste and they say hi to me even though I don’t actually know them. LOL, I make being a twin sound really bad. :X

3. I like taking pictures! πŸ™‚ It’s one of my hobbies, but I don’t do it often. I’m like an amateur, but it always has been one of my interests. Here are a few examples of my photos:

4. I think I smile too much. And I laugh at everything, even if they’re not funny. I don’t know, it’s a weird thing about me. And when I smile my eyes get super small and nonexistent and look like rainbows. Hehe =)

5. I can’t live without my phone or chapstick. I think I’d dieeeee! But I’m currently out of Burt’s Bee’s! 😦


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  1. 2. haha…azn kids get compared to everyone else anyway. :(( LOL. and yknow, i’d rather be told i look like my twin sister than be told i look like anthony. :(( LOLL. :P3. haha your pictures are pretty! :)) las me gustan!4. omgg you can never smile too much. aw. people look cuter/better when they smile. :)) and i like it when people smile/laugh a lot. especially because juniors always seem so pessimistic and down and stuffs. :(( LOLL. aww. you don’t do it too much. that’s actually something i like about you. everytime i see you [ unless there’s some exception i can’t recall ] , you smile and wave back, hahaha. :))God bless! :))

  2. ahh, thank you celeste! (: i am extremely thankful that its FRIDAY ❀ haha, yeahhh.3. haha, your pictures are gooooood! haha, well they look cool πŸ™‚ but then, i don’t know how to take pictures soo :X keke, but they’re kinda gloomy ? “/ 4. how cute (: it’s good to laugh! i’d rather see you laughing then frowning! πŸ˜€ if people complain that you smile/laugh too much, just tell them thattheyre glum >] keke. i laugh at awkward silences -_-X 5. same here! i used up my burt’s bees so then i had to get blistex.. “/

  3. The part about the twin thing is really true… I feel for you. = But at least you’re almost never lonely! It’s always so quiet at my house with my sister gone. =( Aahhh you’re pictures are so pretty! I like the fifth one. =) It looks like Steph’s house. (Is it…?) Haha your #4 is silly… it’s good to always laugh and smile. =) I need to smile more. -_- Anyway have a nice weekend Celeste! Keep smiling. =)

  4. LOL you are soo random xD wow is being a twin really taht bad? xDD haha!! i guess it can be =/ i like your pictures!! you should really be a photographer πŸ™‚ lol! than you can take pictures for me and of coures you won’t charge me for anything :DDDD LOL!! you smile too much?! LOL! i think i smile too much too >< i should like iono stop? xDD LOL!! than if i do ppl think i’m going emo -_____-x lol. i don’t get chem celeste 😦 i feel sad today. iono why i jsut do :((

  5. 2. i wonder if all twins feel the same way we do. yes, there are positive things about being a twin — i’ll never be lonely, i always have someone i can relate to and talk to … but if i had the decision of whether i want to be a twin or not, i guess it’s sort of tough. i mean i really do wish i could be an individual, but i don’t want to say that i wish you weren’t my twin. think about it — if i wasn’t a twin, you wouldn’t have been born! everything would be different. but yes, individuality is definitely something i wish i had more of …3. iPhoto works wonders, doesn’t it? heh heh πŸ™‚

  6. hey beth is right, if you guys weren’t twins, you wouldn’t have been born since bethanie came out first! unless, its only cause bethanie “kicked you on the head” and that’s why she came out first. idk o_o LOL

  7. i won’t quit! thanks to youuu, the homepage thing doesn’t bug me anymore! yayy xanga dr. celeste to the rescue (:yesss the one by coldplay! haha. i love it, it’s so nice and mellow and pretty

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