Featured Question: What is my form of therapy?

I tend to vent and rant to my twin when I’m in stress mode to let everything out. I also eat a lot when I’m stressed, which is really bad. I can’t seem to have self-control and I just eat without thinking. Another thing I do is listen to music. It helps to calm me down and soothe me. 🙂 I also write in my diary. That thing is <3! I love writing in a diary because sometimes I forget something that happens and when I read it I'm reminded of what happens and it makes me happy. 😀 Writing in a diary seriously helps me. And just reading old entries is fun because I can see how I was like before and how much I've changed. Same with xanga! I love this thing<3 It's like my venting online journal.

I think I’m going to be using these things to relieve my stress a lot for the next couple of weeks. I am so stressed out right now! I have a million tests and projects and I’m so worried about my grades because I have like 3 borderline grades, so I am freaking outttt. So basically, my grades depend on my final … Gah. So much pressure. 😦

I really need a vacation. =/