Now I have no life.
Thanks. 😦

I’m definitely in stress mode. I have so many projects and tests this week and I’m just overwhelmedddd! Here’s my schedule for this week:

– Mandarin role play (I hate role plays! I always end up forgetting my lines and then I embarrass myself in front of the whole class.
– Chapter 8 Algebra 2 Test.
– LOTF in-class writing assignment.
– English meeting for English project final.

– Mandarin ch 6 test.

– Shakespeare final presentation.
– Chemistry test.

Lately I’ve been thinking about …
Finals. Stress. Borderline grades. Colleges. The future. Classes to take next year. Semester ending. Junior year. Piano. CM test. Parental pressure. English. Shakespeare project. Hatehatehate. Time management. Anxiety. Worrying. Envying. Family problems. career. SAT classes. Summer job?

Girl scout cookies = <333

I just ordered some today. That stuff is so goood! 😀