What defines a best friend?

A best friend is not just the person that you’ve had the most fun with or someone who you enjoy spending time with. They’re someone that’s helped you through your worst possible moments. Someone who impacts you to help shape who you are and who you are becoming. Someone you’re comfortable with and someone you can be yourself around. You never have to feel embarrassed by anything you do, and you know that you’ll just end up laughing about it later on. They’re someone you can talk to about anything, whether it be good or bad, and know they won’t judge you for what you say but will listen whole heartedly and let you vent out your feelings. Whether you have a good day or bad, they always know how to make it better. A best friend is someone you know you can trust no matter what, and they won’t put you down. You can spend your entire time with them just laughing about nothing, or you can just sit there and have absolute silence and it could be the best time you’ve ever spent with them.

I really wonder sometimes if I’m a good friend or not. I tend to doubt myself … I feel like I’m a superficial friend, like I’m not really intimate with anyone or know them to the core. I just know them at a surface-level kind of relationship. I want to be able to develop friendships that can go deeper than just someone I’m talking to for fun. I want to go to a level that I can’t really grasp, like when I know them super well and know exactly how they’ll act in certain situations. I want to be there for people, not just during the fun times.

A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.”
– Anon


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  1. aww. i’m sure you’re a good friend, hahaha. you doubt yourself so much! ><know what’s funny? friendships usually spring up when things get hard. and know what else? sophomore year was my hardest year.idk. i’m really tired. i have no idea what i’m saying. x.x;; LOL.btw. good song. ;DGod bless! :))

  2. i totally agree with you! i love those kinds of friendships when you seriously don’t have to think about what to say next and where you can be yourself. you’re just completely comfortable with the other person. a good friendship definitely does not happen overnight and takes a lot of time.

  3. hehe best friends. iono i think it’s hard to define what a best friend is. i guess just basically a friend that is always there for you 24/7 πŸ™‚ and fun to be around. yeah sometimes i wonder if i’m a good friend too. there are a lot of ppl taht i want to get to know them more and stuff but doubt it’s gonna happen 😦

  4. A real friend is supposed to be capable of understanding his/her responsibilities (as a friend) bestowed upon his/herself. A real friend knows how society will reflect upon a certain friendship but in honestly, disregards that. A real friend also knows when to help someone out when they’re grieving or when they just aren’t feeling like themselves. The social futility of any normal friend really makes a real friend seem extravagant. A luxury, respectively. Pretty much, a real friend should always have their feet firmly planted because he/she must be ready to take a hit.

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