What a long day …

And I feel super dumb right now. Yesterday I procrastinated like crazy and got distracted by Youtube for like 2 hours and I just wasted my entire weekend when I could have finished my homework earlier. Then I finally started at around 10 at night and by then I was completely exhausted. I had to study for a quiz, finish a Mandarin worksheet, and prepare for a Dev seminar. I was so freaked out because I wasn’t sure if my name would get picked to lead a student discussion and I hadn’t prepared anything. I was worried all night and I was writing some quick notes the period before. Thankfully I didn’t get called!

Well, my day kind of started out bad. I slept in so I had to quickly choose what to wear and I hate choosing late minute! ‘Cause you never know if it’ll end up looking bad or if it’s mismatched, so I usually plan what I’m going to wear the night before. I got to school kind of late and was doing some mad power walking to my first period English class and made it about 20 seconds before the late bell rang. Then I got some bad grades on the work she returned to us and I was so disappointed! 😦 I know I could’ve done better. Gah, I’m already doing badly and it’s only been a month! How am I supposed to complete my goal of getting an A this semester if I’m already starting off on the wrong foot? 😦

I’m excited for the end of the week.
Friday, come faster please. 😦

Part the waters.
Walk straight through the Jordan.


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  1. Aww. Don’t feel dumb, haha…you’re not. :)) Yea, I think we all tend to procrastinate. -_-x Heh. But then again, sometimes I think we do that because we’re not really ready to think and do homework. Like…Youtube doesn’t take any brainpower, so we do that instead, LOL. ._., Mm…I never prepared for Dev -_-x but I got lucky, because the other person doing it with me knew what she was doing, lol. But then again, I got a B+ in that class -_-x so don’t learn from me, LOL. Well, learn from my mistakes. But don’t imitate what I did. D: Heh.Bad days suck. I always choose what to wear the night before, lol. And that’s why. 😛 I usually do as much as I can the night before, because I always have the tendency to sleep in -_-x LOL. At least you weren’t late! :)) And…Yea, that’s English for you. -_-x Heh. S’ok…I’m sucking pretty badly, too. ><But there’s still hope! Just keep working hard. :)) You can totally do it. <3God bless! :))

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