People have probably wondered what in the world my xanga means and how I came about making it up. Well, first of all, I made it in sixth grade, so I was a immature little girl who thought it was the most hilarious thing ever. Secondly, I had a yellow shirt that had a monkey with it’s butt showing and it said “monkey butt”, so I thought “Ooh, I’ll make that my xanga username!” And also I’m born in the year of the monkey according to my Chinese zodiac sign. Then the 44 is my birthday: April 4th. Haha, yeah. I should probably change it because people will think I’m some silly little girl when they see my xanga username, but I don’t want to get a new xanga. I’ve had this thing for 4+ years. I’m not gonna abandon her. =) I’ve gone through so much with my it! Venting moments, happy moments, moments to remember, things I’ll never forget. I love my xanga. ❀

Anyways, I’ve gone through some really weird AIM screen names. My first one was in 3rd grade and it was lilazngrlc92. Haha, typical little 3rd grader screen name. I’ve also had swtlilangelgrl44 which I had 5th through middle school phase. That was a pretty lame screen name, I have to admit. I also had a time when I was changing my screen name constantly. I’ve had “short stuffxb“, which my older sister helped me make, and “curi0us x m0nkey“, which I got from the idea of Britney Spear’s perfume called “Curious”.

I really think that when people communicate on AIM, email or just online in general, you don’t get to see the real them. They may say things online that they would never say on person, or they could have a totally different personality. They could make up a entire new person if they wanted. I wish that people wouldn’t base their relationships with people just through talking on AIM. It’s really about spending time with them in person and getting to know the real them and seeing how they’d react to certain things. I think our generation depends too much on AIM and email to communicate with people and not enough one-on-one kind of talking. It’s getting to the point where sometimes people talk a lot online but never in person. I admit, sometimes I may be guilty of this myself, but I want to stop. It’s such a bad way to have friendships with people when you rely on online sources to communicate.


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  1. Strangely, I’ve gotten close to a lot of people through AIM/Xanga…Yea, if I decide to elaborate on this, I’ll do it someplace that’s not accessible to just anyone. πŸ˜› Hahaha.Cute picture πŸ˜€ hehehe.God bless! :))

  2. haha nice hamster pic. so cute! my xanga name is weird too. and haha i don’t wanna change it too cuz i wanna see how long i can have it. it’s been quite long now. i forgot when it’s birthday but i think 4 years also :)) hehe. hmm my username. i haven’t really changed mine. i like mines right now 8) i know you love mines too. and for some reason when i ask ppl to guess who i am they easily say it’s me -.- does teh smileys thing really get ppl to know it’s me o.o LOL! anyways yeah aim is bad. they should like iono cancel it πŸ™‚ i wouldn’t mind emailing cuz that is a form of way to k.i.t with ppl from like somewhere out of teh state or country. but w.e xD

  3. btw it was YOU who were doing the balloon thing!! LOL woww sooo sneaky. i would have never known. good job of not giving it away. LOL!! haha i see a sneaky side of celeste now (; hahaha! i ddni’t even know it was you. πŸ˜€

  4. my first screenname was swtlilfunniehead … ahem. yeah..i also think AIM has increased our generation’s inability to spell and write properly! i mean, why do ppl talk lyk dis? itz so anoying .. cant ppl spell?!

  5. bethanie—-i also think AIM has increased our generation’s inabilityLOLL SHE TALKS SO PROPERLYYYY!and that is so middle school. now everyone types correctly πŸ˜€ well..sometimes. but i remember in middle school it was uncool to type correctly and you had to type all funky. LAME ahaha.i had some pretty embarassing usernames, so i HAD to change. LOl

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