Featured Question: Which is more powerful: actions or words?

Definitely actions. They speak louder than words. You can say you mean something, but it’s really how you carry it out that counts. Guys can sweet talk girls all they want, but if they don’t do anything to back up what they say, it’s useless. It’s like what they say in the Bible. Faith without deeds is dead. You can say you love God and all, but if your actions don’t reflect your beliefs, then it means absolutely nothing. Sometimes people can make false promises and they don’t do a single thing about it, and it only disappoints people. Be careful what you say, guys.

It’s true that the words people say can have a great impact on someone, though. It can totally influence people and affect them deeply, the way they start thinking or acting. People in our society really care about what other’s have to say, and it’s about being accepted by others. Acceptance is a huge part of people’s lives. But I shouldn’t have to worry about that. I already have someone who’s accepted me for me! =)

Words may come from the heart, but actions make those words real.