I visited Baldwin Stocker today with Beatrice, Bethanie, and Mandy to help out with Ms. Leonard’s retirement celebration. We were the fly-swatters to shoo the flies away. It was so fun! Haha 😀 It was so cool being able to see my old teachers again. Some of them have aged so much, and I was so glad when they remembered me! It’s really sad knowing that you’ll always remember all your teachers, but they may not necessarily remember you. Mrs. Grimes and Mrs. Geary, two of my favorite teachers ever. And they both remembered me! ❤

I really started reminiscing back in elementary school days, when nothing mattered and I was absolutely carefree. Mandy, Beth and I were just playing on the swings and the see-saw just recounting those days and just taking a walk down memory lane. 🙂 I made me really sad thinking when we were all innocent and there wasn’t any drama or worry or stress, and now I’m in high school in one of the most crucial years, and the worst one yet to come. It really depresses me. I wish I had enjoyed those days while it had lasted. Now, it’s already over. I hate growing up. 😦

Mm, CSTs are tomorrow, so it should be an easy week for me. Good luck, everybody! 😀