Look, I blogged. 😀

next couple of weeks are going to be pretty stressful me. It’s that
time of year when teachers are going to start cramming everything that
they’re supposed to teach you, and suddenly you find yourself with ten
times as much homework as you did before, loaded with projects and
tests. :/ ALKSJDFAS.

I seriously cannot wait for summer. I’ll
finally be free from all this worry. I want to go on vacation! I really
wish I could travel more. I would so love to travel. Even small little
trips, like to San Diego or whatever. Just anything to get away from
Arcadia. :/ I love the feeling that I can just let loose while I’m on a
trip and feel like there are no worries. I feel so carefreeeee! Plus
there’s cable TV. 😀 And then I come back to Arcadia. Back to reality
where I actually have to worry about school and life and drama and
friends. Life is so difficult. 😦 If only I could be a bum the rest of
my life!

11:11. 😀
And yes, I have no life and wait for the clock to turn 11:11 so I can submit my entry. -_-x

OMG I missed it by one alsdjflakjsdf minute. >:[