Featured Question: What are five things you hate?

1) Cussing. It bugs the heck out of me! I don’t get why people have to cuss so much just to prove they’re “tough” or whatever. It just makes you look like less of a person.

2) Gossip. I seriously hate gossip. All it causes is trouble and drama and misunderstandings. The more the rumors spread around, the less true it becomes. It just causes people mistrust one another and it creates a lot of tension. All it can do it harm others, not benefit.

3) Smoking. It’s such a turn-off to see people smoking. And I really don’t understand why they would because you’re seriously like inhaling your death sentence or something. You’re killing your lungs!! I don’t get why people even start when we’ve gone over how smoking is bad for you a million times, ever since like elementary school.

4) Math. I hate hate hate hate hate math. 😦 I’ve never been any good at it. Even though there’s some moments where I feel like I really understand the material and I’m super confident that I’d ace the test, I end up doing some careless mistake and bombing it in the end. I really hate math. Whoever invented all those formulas and math equation stuff is such a  ALSKJDFLAJSD. >:[

5) Losing friends. It really depresses me to lose my friends, especially if I’m really close to them. I noticed that I tend to talk to people only if I have a class with them, otherwise it’s like I never speak to them again. It’s pretty sad actually, but it’s true, I’m sure, for a lot of people. So depressing to not speak to a really good friend of yours. Like if you guys just suddenly stop talking and it’s like you never knew each other. I’m sure this is going  happen a lot during junior year.

On a positive note, I raised my chemistry grade! 😀 I have an A now! Weeeeeeee.

And another thing. ENGLISH IS KILLING ME. 😦