New song: Drops of Jupiter – by Train.

New camera. At last. I can finally capture my own memories instead of stealing other people’s from Facebook. 😀

I went hiking today with my family. It was a long, tiring journey, but so worth it. I felt my calves working like crazy while I was straining to walk up the steep hill. I love hiking! Even though the idea of getting all sweaty and gross and having mosquitos pick at your skin isn’t so great, I love the feeling afterward. It’s like I accomplish something good and I’m slowly working off that extra body fat. 🙂

I really love nature. It’s such a good way to get away from the world because it’s so serene and peaceful. It’s like my escape valve from the loud noisy Arcadia filled with teenage drama, crime, and stress, but once you’re in nature, you realize how beautiful God’s creation really is. I felt so relaxed, despite how yucky I felt.

And today I was able to take a few pictures using the new camera I had! I started going camera crazy and taking pictures of random things. I loveeeeee it. 😀 Hehehe.